Greeny Green Cucumber

Our delicious and nutritious smoothie contains creamy fresh veggies that will boost your energy.  Our savoury Green smoothie is diabetic-friendly contains essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D for your energy.

Product Description


Milligram food is the ultimate sustenance for the human body. Preservatives and food additives have harmful effects to the human body. At Milligram, we only use whole food and organic ingredients to ensure fresher and more nutritional superiority for our loyal customers.

By combining our super foods with our organic ingredients, we aim to raise consumers’ awareness about the purity of organic coffee and the benefits of eating organic products.

For food preparation, we are using the latest food Polyscience techniques including sous-vide and vacuum sealing to keep the freshness of food products at its optimum. This technology is also used to seal in the amazing flavours of the ingredients.

Our Milligram Breakfast and Lunch meals contain 100% natural and organic ingredients free of synthetic or artificial preservatives. Our organic meals focus on holistic nutrition, health and improving customers’ wellbeing. Our dedicated chefs create stunningly delicious meals of all sizes ranging from a light refreshing brunch to our protein-packed delicious recipes such as Pearl Barley and Brussels Sprout Salad for lunch.