Milligram's Coffee

Milligram’s Coffee is a blend of 100% Arabica varieties grown in the regions of  Guatemala, Nicaragua and Tanzania. Our Arabica blend consists of three certified coffee beans that are recognized at an international level.

Our coffee beans have come a long way from the world’s best coffee growing regions and are sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers who are committed to ethical farming practices.

Our coffee beans are controlled by the holder of Q-Grader license, Australia’s professional accreditation for coffee training and hospitality professionals.

Our highly trained staff members select and roast coffee beans on a daily basis by means of the most sophisticated and highly specialized roasting methods using the finest best roasting systems.

As a small batch roaster, we care for top quality rather than quantity. Through our highly specialized caring process, we are able to offer coffee with a moderate degree of bitterness and its balanced taste with sweetness.

If your curiosity is stimulated by our dedication, please visit our store and try our great offerings!