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  • Beetroot

    Our Beetroot juice will give you a stronger immune system by bossting your energy with nutritious ingredients. Feed yourself with fresh vegetables and fruit for your day.

    beetroot / carrot / celery / tomato

  • G.O.P

    Our child juice contains a mix of green apples, orange and passionfruit pulp. Our fresh squeezed juice offers a distinctive sweet and pleasing taste.

    green apple / orange / passionfruit

  • Glowing Green Detox

    Our glowing green juice contains highly nutritious ingredients derived from a mix of apples, kale and celeries. Our drink is loaded with calcium, iron and vitamin K to light you up.

    green apple / kale / celery / lemon

  • Mixed Berry

    Our mixed berry juice is a healthy breakfast drink. Our antioxidant-rich smoothie features strawberries, acai berry puree, green apples and oranges.

    strawberry / Acai berry puree / green apple / orange

  • Morning Beet Detox

    Try our Morning Beetroot juice to detox your liver and boost your day. With loads of fresh apples and vegetables juicing, you will be pleased for the healthier and balanced sugar intake.

    beetroot / green apple / lemon

  • V5

    Our V5 juice features a mix of celery, kale, cucumber and green apples. The balanced combination will kick your metabolism and keep you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

    celery / kale / cucumber / green apple / lemon