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  • “Seethed” Mussels with Parsley and Vinegar

    We create, make and serve fresh food to go. We love to share good food with you and your friends.

    The vast majority of our shops work with local charity partners to redistribute food left over at the end of each day. Our biggest charity partner is FareShare, who collect from many EAT.’s across London and take the food to homeless shelters and other charities across town. This helps to keep food out of landfill and to feed vulnerable people who would otherwise go without.

  • Anti-Aging Acai

    Containing pure organic mixed berries with high-antioxidant nutrients to protect your skin cells, our super-fruit smoothie offers a nutrient-balanced and delicious drink for your breakfast and lunch. Our Anti-Aging Acai smoothie will certainly boost your energy with super-high antioxidant power.

  • Beetroot

    Our Beetroot juice will give you a stronger immune system by bossting your energy with nutritious ingredients. Feed yourself with fresh vegetables and fruit for your day.

    beetroot / carrot / celery / tomato

  • Belgian Chocolate Mocha

    Belgian chocolate mocha

  • Belgian Hot Chocolate

    Belgian Hot Chocolate

  • Cappuccino

    Our signature organic blend of coffee with a hot steamed and foamed milk will give you the perfect cappuccino experience.

  • Chamomile Tea

    Harvested in the warmth of Egypt’s summer, the sweet, aromatic flowers of chamomile calm nerves, soothe stomachs and leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed.

  • Earl Gray

    Twice-refined organic Spanish bergamot oil is blended with organic Ceylon tea and cornflowers to create a  clean. refreshing and aromatic blend traditionally appreciated in the afternoon.

  • English Breakfast Tea

    This smooth, strong blend of organic Ceylon tea can be enjoyed with or without milk and, despite the name, at any time of day.

  • Espresso

    Our smooth and versatile espresso adds an enriched balanced taste with a powerful aroma that interacts favourably with lattes, cappuccinos and all our espresso beverages.

  • Flat White

    Indulge your taste buds with our espresso-based flat white beverage. Prepared by our highly dedicated team, our flat white has a perfectly steamed milk with coffee extraction to create the right flavour for you.

  • G.O.P

    Our child juice contains a mix of green apples, orange and passionfruit pulp. Our fresh squeezed juice offers a distinctive sweet and pleasing taste.

    green apple / orange / passionfruit