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  • Anti-Aging Acai

    Containing pure organic mixed berries with high-antioxidant nutrients to protect your skin cells, our super-fruit smoothie offers a nutrient-balanced and delicious drink for your breakfast and lunch. Our Anti-Aging Acai smoothie will certainly boost your energy with super-high antioxidant power.

  • Greeny Green Avocado

    Dip into the delicious taste of our Greeny Green Cucumber smoothie that contains nutritious ingredients such as high fibre and silica and low calories. Our Green smoothie detox is a perfect complement for your smooth digestion.

    Avocado / Milk / Yoghurt

  • Greeny Green Cucumber

    Greeny Green Cucumber

    Our delicious and nutritious smoothie contains creamy fresh veggies that will boost your energy.  Our savoury Green smoothie is diabetic-friendly contains essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D for your energy.

  • Lychee Crush

    Our light and refreshing sweet lychees blend offers a distinctive tropical flavour. Our Lychee smoothie has an abundant source of nutrition that is perfect for anyone.

    Lychee / water / Ice cube