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  • Cappuccino

    Our signature organic blend of coffee with a hot steamed and foamed milk will give you the perfect cappuccino experience.

  • Espresso

    Our smooth and versatile espresso adds an enriched balanced taste with a powerful aroma that interacts favourably with lattes, cappuccinos and all our espresso beverages.

  • Flat White

    Indulge your taste buds with our espresso-based flat white beverage. Prepared by our highly dedicated team, our flat white has a perfectly steamed milk with coffee extraction to create the right flavour for you.

  • Latte

    Our espresso-based latte is perfectly balanced with steam milk. Our classic creation has a blend of Espresso and milk topped with creamy soft milk foam.

  • Long Black

    Our signature blend of a double-shot espresso or ristretto and hot water provides darker, richer and smoother drink.

  • Macchiato

    Inspired by the Italian coffee culture, our espresso-based macchiato contains a moderate amount of foamed milk that is perfect for someone who wants a mix of espresso and cappuccino.

  • Piccolo Latte

    Soft hot creamy milk mixed with our special coffee blends, accommodates your excellent coffee lifestyle.

  • Ristretto

    Our smooth and versatile espresso coffee made with the traditional coffee extraction  measured at a perfect amount, is suitable for anyone who wants a little bit of stronger taste of coffee.